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About Nedra Translation Agency

Nedra Translation Agency has the knowledge and expertise to help you advance your ideas and compete in a global market. Our series of exacting standards and evaluations allows us to achieve the highest levels of accuracy. We seek out the best professors, technicians, geoscientists, and industry professionals to provide the most accurate translations available. Our award-winning translators accurately translate books, manuscripts, encyclopedias, research papers, and any text in the geoscience sphere and beyond.

We offer more than just written translations. We have teams of dedicated and qualified interpreters for consecutive interpretation, interpretation of negotiations, and simultaneous interpretation. Our specialists can travel with you around the globe to interpret business interactions, meetings, conferences, and other events.



Backed by Nedra Publishers and its 50-year history of integrity and excellence, our experience is unparalleled throughout the educational, professional, and scientific industries.

We have collaborative partnerships with the most highly regarded Russian Universities, as well as many of the world’s largest and most respected corporate enterprises.

With a full range of translation services and an unrivalled dedication to quality, Nedra Translation Agency is an invaluable resource to the academic and research community.