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Proven 4-Tier Process

Our proven 4-tiered process has developed an industry standard due to its accuracy and efficiency.




Translation Team

Every project is assigned a team of experts, handpicked based on fluency in both languages and the topic at hand. In the first stage of our process, the team is fully briefed on the scope of work, and they create a custom glossary of terms. This allows the entire team to work on translating your document synchronously, resulting in consistent language and faster completion.


Translation Memory System

Our Translation Memory system uses a unique segmenting and terminology management technology that can provide results more than 30% faster than human translation alone. Our translators work closely with this system as well as our computer assistance software on every project in order to increase accuracy, consistency, and timeliness.


Correction Specialist

The translated work is then given to a Correction Specialist who thoroughly examines the spelling and grammar, syntax, phraseology, and etymology of the words used to make sure it is consistent and in-line with the purpose of the document.


Executive Copy Editor

Lastly, an Executive Copy Editor with expertise in the field of your subject reviews the work as a whole and confirms the accuracy of all industry-related terminology and concepts.


Once your project has been taken through this 4-step process, it is guaranteed to have the highest level of quality and accuracy available.