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Nedra Translation Agency language experts can perform translation services both on, and off the page. Our interpreters are ready to help you perform any type of multilingual interaction.


Consecutive Interpretation

Nedra Translation Agency has a full staff of interpreters with experience in legal, medical, and business settings. Our consecutive interpreters can properly facilitate multilingual depositions, court proceedings, doctor-patient interactions, internal business meetings, client meetings, and more. We can also perform consecutive interpretation for contract negotiations and other multilingual one-on-one dialogues.

Simultaneous Interpretation

For larger scale functions such as business meetings, conferences, presentations, conventions, and tours we have simultaneous interpreters who will translate what the speaker is saying in real-time. This can be done through a broadcast system with portable listening devices.


We have a full assortment of audio and broadcast equipment to service simultaneous interpretation events of any size. We will handle the provision of mobile booths, interpretation and portable listening systems, wired or wireless microphones, PA speakers, mixers, multiple language transmitters, infrared equipment solutions, technicians, and customer service representatives.