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Website & Multimedia Translation

For website and multimedia projects Nedra Translation Agency utilises a team of multilingual media experts who can provide accurate translations and content management services.



Website Translation

For online translations, our web experts will make sure even the smallest details such as terminology and date formats are not only translated, but also localised. They can help provide multilingual SEO and content management, as well as layout and design services to maximise the effectiveness of the translated text.


Video Translation

Among our multimedia experts are members of the team devoted to recording voiceovers, transcribing video footage, and subtitling. We can provide video translation services for interviews, depositions, seminars, and any other videos.


Audio Translation

Our audio team can provide accurate transcriptions and re-records for mp3, mp4, digital, .wav, and some other audio files. If you do not have a digital copy of the work you would like transcribed, please contact us to discuss other options.